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Motorfingers are ready to step into the recording studio to record their sophomore full-length album, the first with the new lineup, which includes the original members Max and Spezza on guitars and Alex on drums, plus the new entries Abba on vocals and Faust on bass. "We are still here - says proudly Max - four years away from the studio but not far from the stage: the concerts helped us strengthen the spirit and the chemistry of the new line-up, that has recently undergone two major changes. But now we are ready for an exciting new adventure in the studio! In the last months we've worked hard to conceive and prepare new songs! Stay tuned." The first Motorfingers' album, "Black Mirror", was released on May 21st, 2012 for logic(il)logic Records.

01/01/2015 NEW SINGER

Which better way to start this 2015 than with the news that WE ARE BACK?

After the Clay’s decision to leave the band we started looking for a substitute.

No easy venture.

But, just for fun, the solution was here, under our sight.

With great pleasure we welcome to ABBA!

For those who don’t know him, Abba is the Nightglow’s singer, emilian heavy metal band, known as official Italian Manowar tribute and with 2 original albums, more than 15 years live experience in Italy and abroad.

So… a guarantee.

We were looking for something to create and explosive mix in our music, to bring new air and more power in our songs… Ok, we did it.

With his vocal timbre we revisited our songs and started the compositions of the new album…

You can trust us, it’s fucking killer!


I’m very happy to start this new adventure, I follow these guys for a long time and I have always been attracted from their music and their way to play it. At every live I imagined being on stage with them but at the same time I don’t think was possible to replace Clay: he has an incredible and perfect voice for this kind of music. I come from the metal school but I think I can create something valuable whit my voice.

It’s a very hard challenge but they give me a chance and I will not disappoint the expectations!”

More news incoming, including the first live with the new line up, but we would like to start the year with the announce that we are back on ride and thank you all for the support, day by day.


28/05/2014 MASTERS OF ROCK 2014

Motorfingers have been confirmed for MASTERS OF ROCK 2014 in Czech Republic!

LIVE@CORALLO 15/02/2014